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Individual Therapy

We provide an environment free of expectations or judgments to support your work in meeting a challenging situation or moving in a new direction in your life.  

Clients who benefit include those questioning themselves, their relationships, or feel they are "just surviving". Many clients have felt they never had dreams for their lives and felt that was for "other people". Through the process of counseling and understanding how you may have mistaken negative views of yourself or your worth, this awareness enables different decisions and beliefs which can change the trajectory of your life.

If you have children or plan to, the changes you make will affect them as well since you will be able to guide them towards the same self-confidence and self-worth you have built for yourself.

Viewpoint Counseling | Individual Therapy

Specific issues I address are:

Depression                       Domestic Abuse  

Anxiety                              Addiction 

Low Self-Esteem              Bipolar Disorder

Divorce                              Family Conflicts

Relationship Issues         Trauma               

Couples Therapy

Our approach to Couple's Counseling is Collaborative Couple Therapy.  Habits of relating form over time and couples get stuck in a cycle.  This method focuses on communication in the here and now so that a couple can share on a more intimate level enabling trust and empathy to be restored.  


Viewpoint Counseling | Couples Therapy
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