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Adolescents, Children & Parenting

We work with adolescents and children with an variety of issues such as child defiance, depression, anxiety, poor school performance, divorce, and grief.

Force and repeated directions are tiring and have limited results. Instead, we work with parents to trust their child does want to do well and succeed in life but needs ownership to be motivated. This takes an intentional approach to the larger goals of teaching children the life skills they need to have a fulfilling life. This goes beyond chores and grades and into friendships, self-esteem, and motivation to pursue their interests. Through this process, a large weight is taken off parent's shoulders and the weariness lifted. Trust is restored for both parent and child. 

For younger children who may have experienced trauma or loss, play therapy allows children to explore their feelings and problems through the language of play.  Working with a therapist, children can change the way they are approaching their problems and build better coping skills.

Viewpoint Counseling | Play Therapy
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