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Counseling offers you an opportunity. 


When you take time to address issues in your life, you have the opportunity to work through a challenge or change the trajectory of your life. If you feel you are in distress or feel nothing ever changes, then taking the opportunity to work with a counselor can be invaluable.  

We want to enjoy life! Material possessions and performance based goals are not meeting our emotional needs. Because we experience our lives through our heart and our head, external validation or things do not make a difference. Being comfortable in your own skin and confident you are good enough changes everything.

Counseling can impact generations.


Maybe you are feeling that it is more important to focus on your children than yourself. However, you are the most influential person in your children's life. Sometimes fears, insecurities, and the effects of trauma can be passed down from generation to generation. When you "stop the chain" and become fearless to chase your dreams, create healthy relationships, you are able to model and help your children do likewise. 



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       Office location: 612 East Colonial Dr.

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Free 15 minute consultation is available.

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